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Leonardo Namur Hotel – Belgium ☆☆

October 16, 2010

Date of Travel: October 2010

I’d like to start off by saying that I am unable to compare this hotel to others (in this area), as we have never experienced any alternatives. Therefore, for all I know, this could be the best in town. Also, I’m not too sure on the overall ‘value’ aspect since our race team is compensated by the organization (not compensated by Leonardo Namur Hotel).

We stay here every year for the good ol’ “Superbiker” event. Leonardo Namur Hotel is our only option since the promoter doesn’t offer an alternate hotel choice. If it weren’t for these following issues, this place could possibly have some potential.

Some of the rooms have a water damage problem and the smell is rather unpleasant. There is a fan, but no air conditioner, so those extremely rare sunny Belgium days can get pretty miserable. There is a bug problem and no peep hole or chain lock on the door. The bed is hard and uncomfortable and the fridge is missing… why does this always happen to me? Internet connection is astronomically expensive (as it is anywhere in europe) and the water is never consistently hot.

Worst of all, the walls are paper thin and getting any sleep is impossible if you aren’t heavily medicated and equipped with earplugs. The hotel does offer a spa now, which I have not experienced.

seriously artsy table decoration..

This hotel’s restaurant is overpriced and features mediocre food. There are very limited vegetarian selections, but of course this is normal for europe.. especially the French part of Belgium. Even when I ordered my salad without the ham, it indeed came with ham. There is also a bar area on the second floor, and the breakfast buffet is minimal and unimpressive.

There is a supermarket right next door to the hotel, so thats very convenient since we like to stock our pit area with boxes of water and relatively healthy snacks.

This hotel is probably fine at minimum occupancy at which point the noise factor would be less present. Most staff members are pretty helpful as well.. especially the early morning staff who assisted us at 4:30 AM when our neighbors wouldn’t stop partying. Most aspects of this hotel aren’t all that bad if you keep in mind that indeed you are in Europe!

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